Protecting Your Flocks With Solar Studs

Predators are always on the prowl, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot always be there to personally protect your flock of sheep or other livestock that you have. That is why farmers are doing all that they can to provide a safe and protected environment for their livestock and their flocks. Farmers face losses every year due to the loss of life in their livestock. This loss is due to night time predators. There are many precautions that are taken and they are not always effective in protecting the animals from predators. Especially in a humane manner.

The Risk With Livestock

Farmers have many means of protecting their livestock and flocks to prevent any loss of life as well as financial loss. The reality is that all farms are susceptible to various night time predators, and they tend to find ways to penetrate the farm. The measures that are in place are often costly, such as installing more protective fencing. It is also difficult to find predator friendly means of protection that is also actually effective in deterring their attacks. The traditional means of animal protection can be labour intensive, economically unviable and time-consuming.

Solar Studs 

Solar studs are a much safer means of protecting your livestock, and it is a cheaper means of doing it. It is a cruelty-free method of protecting the flocks, as there is no poisoning, no traps and no means of inflicting pain towards the predator. This method of protection requires less maintenance and labour to uphold. It is, of course, solar powered, which means that it is environmentally friendly. The studs work to deter the predators by emulating a person with a light. It is a much safer and kinder means of protecting every animal’s life.

Total Road Products

If you are looking for a cost-effective, and cruelty-free means to protect your livestock and your flocks, then contact Total Road Products to get your cruelty-free solar studs. These studs can be placed on the horns of the animals or it could be placed around the coops or corrals. The solar studs are highly effective at protecting your flocks while not taking up too much of your other resources.

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