Night-Time Factors that Contribute to Road Accidents

According to records, the first pedestrian to ever be killed by a moving vehicle was Bridget Driscol who stepped off of a curb in London and was struck by an automobile with a top speed of 4 miles an hour, killing her almost instantly. The coroner who examined her body, way back then, made a bold statement in response, saying that ‘such a thing would never happen again.’ The coroner, as we now know, was very wrong. Cars, as we know them, are not only dangerous to operate, but are also crucial for our way of life.There are, of course, situations where driving becomes even more dangerous, particularly when visibility is low. Night-time driving comes with its own unique set of dangers, mostly due to lowered visibility. Let’s take a look at what they are, and how they are being dealt with.

A Lack of Visibility

We rely a lot on visibility when it comes to safe driving, which, quite obviously becomes a problem at night. This is particularly true for roads that are lacking street lights, road markings or road-studs that make it easier for drivers to see the road and stay in their lanes.

Oncoming Glare

While not everybody is affected by night blindness, those who are, can attest to just how dangerous the glare of oncoming headlights are. When headlights enter a human eye, our eyes attempt to adjust. In order to do this, they dilate to let less light in. That means that any surrounding dark areas become almost invisible, even after the glare has passed.

Drunk Drivers

While it is true that drunk driving is not specifically reserved for night-time, it is definitely more concentrated during those late-night party hours. This makes things quite dangerous for motorists who share the road with them. While little can be done, in terms of infrastructure to stop people from driving under the influence, the situation can be made better by increasing night-time visibility on the roads.
This way, motorists can spot drunk drivers more easily and react accordingly, in good time. At the same token, it also ensures better visibility for those that have decided to get behind the wheel while under the influence.

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