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I am sure everyone has seen and heard of road studs, especially at night. Road studs could also go by the name of cat eyes, road studs or road marking studs. You will see road studs are on all the roads, whether it is on the free-way or just normal local roads.

At night time there is a row of studs along the sides and edges and also along the lines, to distinguish the different lanes. Road studs come in different colours and shapes. The ones that will be focused today is solar studs.

What are Road Studs?

Road marking studs are reflectors on the sides of the road to light all roads up at night. Road studs are there so that people can distinguish which lane is which, and where the edges are on the roads. Studs are used to indicate one-way roads, lanes, and yellow lanes.

When road studs are lit up at night, they look very attractive. Road studs come in different colours, but it depends on which colour coding system the country has. Road marking studs usually come in red, yellow, green, blue, orange and silver.

I’m sure everyone has driven over road studs before. Road studs are also called cat-eyes.

Solar Studs and Their Advantages

Instead of a reflector stud, there is solar studs that will charge up during the day via the sun. This will then last during the night time. Below are some advantages of solar studs.

High brightness – solar studs are much brighter than normal reflector studs. Because they are brighter, they can be separated further apart from each other. Thus you will need fewer of them.

Economical – solar studs do not need any electrical source. They have their own rechargeable batteries in them, which will be charged up via the sun during the day. When charged up, it will last during the night whether there is electric supply or not.

Less accidents – solar studs are bright; hence drivers would be able to see more clearly no matter the weather conditions. LED lights shine through, this will let your drivers be aware of weather hazards in advance. Solar studs flicker in some areas for warning of bends or sharp corners.

Safety – solar studs are very safe, as they are bright for drivers to see. Solar studs are seen during whatever weather conditions. People can clearly see the roads, thus reducing accidents.

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