Create a Fairy Wonderland with Solar Road Studs

Cats Eyes® and solar powered LED lights or road studs have been incredibly useful for road safety and motorists over the years. In fact, they remain an essential part of road safety today (please see our previous articles). With that being said, we have seen some interesting and creative ways to use these lights that are not only limited to motor and road safety, but were founded in the sphere of design and beauty.

Garden Enthusiasts and LED Lights

Ever noticed how beautiful Cats Eyes® are when their light reflects back from the road? Or how gorgeous LED Lights look when they twinkle consistently?


Some designers have! These road marking studs have not only revolutionised road safety standards, but are making appearances as beautiful landscape design accessories. Those with ‘green-fingers’ and a flair for landscape design are finding creative ways to put LED Lights in their gardens for both functional and aesthetic purposes – and the results are truly stunning.


Why It Looks and Functions Well

The lights supply the right amount of illumination to create atmospheres that are functional, dramatic, theatrical or cozy, warm and imaginative. The colours and light intensity that these lights provide make them the perfect tools for illuminating specific garden focal points. As an added bonus, they function exquisitely and can enhance the effects of other design elements if paired with other lighting features that shed a stronger light.

Create a Masterpiece

The solar and reflective properties of these lights mean that they are portable, easy to set up and no fuss to maintain. They are easy to place – whether lighting up a pathway, labyrinth or tree. Looking to get creative and design your own masterpiece? Contact the team at Total Road Products or visit their website for more information. 


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