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About Total Road Products

Total Road Products has over 20 years experience in the road visibility. The company is South Africa's leading, totally objective, supplier of top quality road marking products to enhance night and day visibility which have an influence on road safety.


Technical Assistance

Total Road Products works closely with our international suppliers offering our customers a professional technical analysis of different road marking products and applications. We source the best and most reliable products on the market to ensure visibility on the roads remains at an optimum.


The road stud was invented by Percy Shaw in 1933. The UK native created a cat eye that featured reflective glass balls set insude rubber and cast-iron housing. The housing does not only provide reflectivety during bad lighting, but also created a sound when driven over which acts like a driver alert mechanism which can keep drivers inn their lane. The road stud industry has developed a lot over the years with the introduction if plastic, aluminium and cast iron road studs of different size and form. Recently the invention of the solar cat-eye has bought a 'new light' to the industry where 'always on' lights have meant hazardous and high accident zones areas can be well light during low light and dark times.



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